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A pre-fab treehouse with rounded lines.

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A pre-fab house that can be used as a treehouse and erected in 5 days. Photos by Blue Forest. More info. here.


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  1. Love this. Beautiful lines. Would a Murphy Bed work in the living room? They have such neat styles that can incorported now. I would live in this for retirement or for a weekend retreat in a heart beat!

    1. I love this too! Simple and I am looking at it for a possible retirement home. I would certainly put a murphy bed and storage at the end of living room. I’d also take out the bunks and make that a bedroom with some storage, perhaps enlarge it a bit and use it as my room and the murphy for occasional guests.

    2. Oh do I agree my friend. Watch Tiny House Nation on FYI cable. Last week the produced one that was 100 sq ft for a married couple with a 2 year old. BLEW ME AWAY. THIS ONE IS MY HOPES & DREAM, RETIREMENT HERE WE GO!!

  2. I’d take that three ft of porch space and use it inside….make a bedroom……and then add an overhang. It’s interesting but not functional enough to lose all that space!
    Like the clean lines and design otherwise

  3. Clean lines are great, but storage space and practical considerations are even better. Turn the “plant room” (who needs that?) into a closet with built-ins for storage. Curtain for a door. They are pretty and take up way less space for openings.

    Lose the couch, replace with eating area. Use the current table area for refrigerator. Replace sleeping area door with curtain, as current door is awkward and space-consuming. Bathroom is perfect and big enough for private changing area.

    Otherwise, I love it!

    1. It is not that sort of plant room…

      I adore their designs, though they are not for everyone. They lean more toward European aesthetics.
      Storage is big in the US, owning more ‘things’ is in general… along with needing more ‘personal’ space.

  4. It is a lovely design, but there seems to be no storage space for clothing or food, even. I can’t imagine having enough people in the house to sleep in all those beds without at least some simple storage.

  5. Would love to mirror this and put it two together…the whole storage and space issue would be taken care of and there could be a front and back deck……….Like the asthetics…..

  6. Very beautiful svelt design. I don’t understand the tree-house concept though. What if the tree grows? What if the tree dies? What it the tree is an oak and limbs fall? What if it gets struck by lightening? Not sure I like the concept of long-term life attached to a tree. I’d rather be away from the tree, and watch the tree from my front window. Also, I do not feel that there is enough counter space for chopping vegetables and preparing meals. But perhaps that could be modified.

  7. I’d ditch the lower of the two single beds, raise the upper one by a foot or so (depends on the curve of the roof how far is practical) and turn the underneath part into wardrobe/cupboards/storage.

  8. I’m wondering how well those cedar shakes shed water on the nearly flat roof. And not a closet anywhere. If this is a vacation home, convert the queen bed to a sleeper sofa and use the extra space for closets.

    It’s one thing to fall in love with your design – living in it is another matter entirely.

    1. The roof has some fall. If you look at the interior pictures the door jams (which are always “square”) and the roof line aren’t parallel.

      I also wonder how difficult it would be to expand/stretch the design to gain a larger floor plan? After all the custom framing would be the same dimensions. I only ask as people seem to be concerned with space/storage.

  9. super cool house if I were not 10 years old I would live in one.I am so impressed with how you put the house in a tree but I might require a bigger model because I am going to have a lot of pets!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Nice to see a tiny house that’s actually fully functional (bathroom, kitchen etc). As for the naysayers, if you follow the link and read more info, it explains how storage is built into some of the furniture items (such as the bunk beds).

    Also, it’s a *holiday home*, although it’d suit me fine as permanent accommodation (just me and the bunkroom for my office/library).

  11. I think it is unfair to criticize the structure for its lack of storage space. If one is capable of building such a house, one can easily construct a small shed placed next to the home.

  12. Forget about all the negative do this and do that comments above, everyone has an opinion but none of them has built one.
    Excellent work, well done.
    Very much and inspirational piece.

  13. The storage is lite, but there are many places to put some in. 1. Under the bed 2. A couch with storage underneath, as well as end tables and coffee table. 3. Some room for shelves. 4. If you want to keep both bunk bed you could put storage under the lower one. 5. Make a storage bench on the front porch. Many possibilities without any major changes. I love this place!

  14. The house is alright. There are always room for improvement. The things I like about it is that it’s fast to set up (5 days according to the project site), every thing in there is space saver and it’s mobile.

  15. Small, but smart design, I love this house very much. Wooden house can keep warm, realize the warm in winter and cool in summer. Space layout is reasonable, won’t appear crowded.

  16. TBH it’s about the same, if not more space than you’d get with a $1500 apartment in NYC and quite livable, especially in wide open spaces. Love it.

  17. I really like this non-traditional design, especially the long porch/ overhang. Being an a jewelry designer, and living with just two dogs, I would take the tiny bedroom space and turn it into a walk in closet, or organized storage room. Maybe 1/2 and 1/2. Either that or make it the only sleeping area and use the front of the home as a living/ studio space. One of those wall units that look like bookcases, but are actually Murphy beds could always be used in the living area for guests. The beautiful shingles on the outside curves of the house are a great touch.

  18. Beautiful design!! But really, where’s all the stuff? Do you need a separate building for everyday essentials such as extra light builbs, toilet paper?

  19. I love these,I have been looking around some.I would use the porch for more living space, and just add on a little deck.I would make the bunk bed room, a little bigger ,and make a master bedroom there.Put a hidabed in the living room for friends.You could also use part of the flower room, for can goods, and coats.A few high cabinets in the kitchen could be used.I am really thinking about one of these except, I will just square the building off.Nicest set up for me I have found.Great job.

  20. since there is no storage for things like additional clothes I assume you would wash what you wear but there is also no washing machine

  21. This is a Superb design. Really like your post. Everyone in this world wants that his house looks different from others. And everybody appreciate their house. And this one is beautiful design.

  22. I like these “tiny homes” that seem to be really popular right now but I don’t understand why they’re so popular. Did everyone forget about RV’s?

  23. It’s a “Concept” people…ie, Don’t nick-Pick the details, the site , the placement, etc. That’s for the customizing to suit-your needs phase. Cheeze! Conceptual images have to show some realistic sense of shape, volume and form in a photorealistic enviroment. The designer had to make choices and was more involved in presenting his “vision” in-lieu-of a definitive “finalized” design. The Take-away from this is to “see” the overall “sense” that he wants to convey; and not critique mere minute design elements that had to be shown in order to get his idea across.

  24. Wow! this house is awesome. I love the design of this house and I would say this an amazing house for me.
    Great job Dude.

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