Ynez Tiny House

A tiny house on wheels in Oregon.

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  1. Looks well designed and built . I like the open feel and well executed trim details. Love the mini bathtub. The new owner has every reason to be pleased! I would be concerned with the sill on the exterior window trim catching rain water and deteriorating – I think a simpler trim pattern would be better in the long run.

  2. I love the larger loft and the design of the kitchen — actual preparation space on the counter! That shower and mini bath are just too cute. Someday, I wish there was a mini house with an entrance into the loft from the outside – with actual stairs rather than a ladder – I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for ladder climbing – but this home is truly lovely.

    1. There are tiny houses with stairs, which is what I want too.
      We have tried to reach this manufacturer, but have now waited more than 6 months for a reply.|
      Are considering his competition to do business with at this point.
      The competition is growing in the market, so it doesn’t pay to put people off when you really don’t need to be nice and wait. /-\ going tiny house..

  3. Very nice design and I am surprised how the plywood floor blends in and looks so nice. I like it. Is there plans of this online any where? Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Every time the Ynez is shown on Tiny House and even though I’ve viewed it each time, I continue to be struck by the beauty and simplicity of it. I love the loft and the dormers, as well as the kitchen layout. The only thing I would want different is to have stairs instead of a ladder to the loft. I have been for a while considering purchasing a Tiny House to put on my property in Georgia. In the meantime, I have a small cottage I’m working with until that day that needs a tiny tub and shower just like the one in the Ynez. Where can one get one of these? It would be greatly appreciated to know.

    Thanks for sharing –

  5. Hello, My girlfriend and our 1 year old daughter are considering a tiny house life. This is one of our favorites! Will you be able to help me with how much we will be spending on this designed as is (without the outside deck) including the beautiful bathroom, please.

  6. Hello,
    Beautiful home! would you be willing to share where you found the shower/tub combo? I am having a difficult time finding something like this. Hoping you might have some guidance.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi
    Looks very nice. I love it.
    Iám planning to build a tiny house on wheels and is working on the drawings, weight calculation, and interior.
    But that nice bathtub/shower is the most cool thing ivè seen 🙂
    Where is it possible to buy shower/bathtubs like that for tiny houses?
    Thanks 😉

    1. Hi,
      Did u ever find supplier for the tiny tub? I realize this is a 3 yr old post but maybe you finally found it. Thanks!

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