Tiny Oakhurst Farmhouse


This custom tiny house on wheels was built by a local artist with personal touches throughout in Bowling Green, Kentucky.










  • Mike says:

    Not exactly my style, but it’s pretty clever and the materials palette is easy to live with. The open plan might be the smart way to go if you’re not into “stuff” and the spaces to stuff it in. Lots of good ideas here.

  • Jeff says:

    This build and design is neat in many ways. Love the up cycle of materials. My personal preference would be to have more living room area, but perhaps this person likes to emphasize the kitchen. It would be nice to have seating for at least 4 people around the wood stove and maybe you could. I’m curious about using metal siding in showers. We put that same siding on our church building and the bottom wicked moisture up from the wood chips in the landscaping and rusted. Perhaps the bottom edge is painted/powder coated? Funky blue!

  • Becky says:

    Love the wood. We need one with a bed on main floor but also loft for guests. Like full stove.

  • Michelle says:

    I was wondering where you found the attachment for the ladder. I would ad or change a few things, however I think it is very cute☺

  • Sharon says:

    Nice attention to details.

  • Alastair says:

    Treating the reclaimed wood like tile in the kitchen area was really smart. It keeps the uniqueness of the reclaimed wood while at the same time elevating it to something more interesting than what it was.

    I’m revoking their right to own cast iron pans. Give them to me so I can fix them; especially the large one on the right.

  • sharon sible says:

    I appreciate the work that went into this home. I have a “safety” issue, the gas stove being so close to the wood walls. I would want more windows in this little house. I love sunshine, rain, and watching birds and nature. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I want a small house when I retire, (soon I hope). Love the spot that you picked for your home.

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