Tiny Maui Abode

Tiny house, jungle style.

Wanted to send over some pics of my TINY little abode in the small jungle town of Hana, Maui. This precious cabin was once a tool shed/dog house/storage-something…until I got my hands on it.

Thank you for building and sharing such a wonderful site. It is my dream to construct yet again, another tiny home here on the mainland.

A tiny house in Hana, Maui. Photos and owned by Kate Jeffreys.


  • Jon says:

    OMG this is so awesome! What do you do for work that allows you to live like this? I’ve always imagined something along these lines but I feel like I can’t up and leave until I retire, unfortunately. (middle school art teacher) Anyway, thanks for sharing, I’m hella jealous! 🙂

  • ann says:

    That house is everyone’s private dream. I had one much like it in Honolulu. The refrigerator was in the bathroom, but it was affordable and convenient. There was even a banana tree outside the window. But like all Hawaiian homes the cockroaches were part of the interior design. You did a great job with your cottage. I’ve been to Hana, too remote for me.

  • cedrik says:


    I would like to know how much you sold this house, im very interested.

    I work for disney cruise line and im in love


  • Michele says:

    It’s so adorable! Do you rent it out? Where about in Hana is it? I’m seriously interested in renting for two days the next time I’m on Maui. Just bought a small piece of property on the big island to do something similar to this!

  • Ashley says:

    Hi, I was curious as to how you found a place like this? Did you build it? Or if you found it on a website or something, could you share that?

    I’m considering moving to Hawaii with a friend and this is the dream type of place we would like to move to.



  • Lynn Calvello-Perez says:

    I’m from the island of Oahu, leeward side, Kapolei. Unfortunately I live in the suburbs of Honolulu. Don’t think suburban cities or their building departments are ready for the “tiny house ” explosion! Although I am! My house is too large. Especially with me and my husband being physically disabled. Too hard to keep it clean.
    Anyway, love your little cabin in the jungle! I’d trade my house in a minute for a spot like this.

  • Tami mayorga says:

    Is this available to rent?

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