Tiny House Dwelling


After careful research and design, Alana finally decided to pull the plug on living the tiny life.










Please see the attached photos of my off-grid tiny house for submission onto your website.

I’ve been planning this house for quite a few years and finally made the leap to tiny living in January, 2016.

165 square feet tiny house with built-in storage room in Corvallis, Washington. Photos by Emily Long. Owned and shared by Alana Pulay. More info. here.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


  • Cameron says:

    Nice house, I had the exact same washer. Good washer

  • Rebecca says:

    I love this tiny house because it is real, shows storage, laundry and so on. Great job Alana!

  • alice h says:

    Nice! Especially like the bike garage.

  • gmh says:

    Has everything, but doesn’t look crowded! I love the decor and the bike garage is especially useful.
    Location? I know there is a Corvallis in Oregon, but never heard of one in Washington.

  • ttthom2 says:

    . . . . You can get a nice back massage if you have to use the toilet while your laundry is in the dry cycle.
    Maybe not the correct forum for this question – but –
    – why do people want a sleeping loft so much bigger than the bed itself?
    That just means you have to be crawling around on your knees.
    Maybe no problem for the youngsters – but – for me. .
    . . I’d wanna just climb up the steps or ladder and plop into bed.

  • Rosita Lisboa says:

    Knew it was a cat owner’s home when I saw the catwalks, then the cat! Love this one!

  • Shel Lynn says:

    I’m confused… I really like the looks of this THOW, but I thought it was being advertised for sale? I see no posting of a price or delivery options, etc.

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