Tiny House Basics


Shelley and Joshua’s tiny house on wheels with outside living space.









  • Matthew says:

    Nicely done. So many things to like about this TH.

    If possible, could you reply with the shower model and source?


    • Mike Wofsey says:

      I saw almost that same shower enclosure at Home Depot, I was surprised that I was much less expensive than I thought it would be, less than $1k.

    • Yes this is from home depot, it was $500 for the full kit

    • Donatella says:

      A google search for ’round shower enclosures’ brings up many links – some as low as $600. I agree, this is wonderfully done. Northern California is turning into my favorite location to try something like this. The ‘Sweetwater Bungalows’ web site and video has me wondering how easy it might be to get around or comply with codes in this area, and also of course the weather is very moderate. Nice combination of composting toilet but running water from the look of it here.

      • Matthew says:

        “A google search for ’round shower enclosures’ brings up many links”

        But not the dimensions of this specific unit, unfortunately.

      • Thank you! The climate we are in is very great for tiny house living, now we are up on a ridge and it can be windy but this little house is quite secure.

        The composting toilet has been working out great and of course the running water, there was no ifs ands or buts about that one…

  • Jerilyn says:

    Beautiful design–so imaginative. And everything you need. Roomy and airy.

  • Phyllis Atha says:

    Is the deck a structure you can take with you if you move your tiny house to another location? If so, how is that done?

    • Yes, i designed the deck to be portable and it has been moved to its new location since these photos have been taken, the main deck is 3 big pieces and the back bench is 3 pieces plus the railings, i moved it in my 18ft utilty trailer i use for work.

  • Devan says:

    Those stairs! Love it! And the “ladder” on the sliding door is awesome as well. 2 lofts, solar panels AND a fire pit!?! This place has it going on… Well done! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ollie says:

    This might be the nicest, most well put together home I’ve seen on this here website. Very well done. I am quite impressed.

  • Patti says:


    Love how stylish this TH is! A couple of questions, if you don’t mind. I live in No Cal as well. How did you find land to park on? That’s my biggest obstacle!

    Also, is the toilet a composting one? Or how does the plumbing work? Thanks,


  • Sherry says:

    Love Love Love your home. Its the best tiny house Ive seen yet. Amazing!!!

  • I saw this on Tiny House Nation! Adorable couple with an adorable home!

  • Excellent design and execution! I could definitely see this being a very popular floor plan. Congratulations!

    • Thank you! may people have been requesting the floor plan so much that we actually hired a architect to build some tiny house floor plans to sell, we are only selling them to cover the cost of hiring the architect, they will be up for sale june 15th on our website

  • Laura says:

    Your home is incredible, and the outside eating bar is genius. I want to make a carbon copy of this house! Either that, or I might rent a closet and just live in there lol….I love every aspect of your home, congratulations on creating your dream house, its an inspiration.

  • Anna says:

    A tiny house that you can entertain in! (Or if not “in,” then at least, “next to”!) That outdoor seating area with a talk-through window to the kitchen is a fantastic touch. Gorgeously done.

  • Ran says:

    Saw this on Tiny House Nation, they did a great job building this house with all the owner’s desires.

  • This is the first tiny house I have seen with the accordion window idea-brilliant! I think the stairs are great but I like them to be solid and contain cupboards and drawers for extra storage. Sliding doors a must! and with a ladder too! yes!

  • Wow! This is absolutely one of the BEST TH designs I have come across in a very long time; the others I’ve seen coming into my inbox have regressed to looking all the same and lacking in imagination and innovation. This is a breath of fresh air to be sure, and I would LOVE to have the floor plan for building one of these! Who’s the builder, by the way?

  • Where can you buy the plans? I believe this is a modified version of hOMe?

  • daniel says:

    This tiny house was built & featured on Season 2, Episode 5 of Tiny House Nation:

  • - j o s e f says:

    Holy Mackerel I’m impressed! – are those tatami I see in the sleeping area? What a novel/excellent idea…especially with the Tao of the house…Japanese are exceptionally adroit at making things small…so when I saw the tatami…and remembered 15+ years of that wonderful smell…living in Japan…it’s like I was home again.

    The house is almost Zen-like…proper proportions…if someone was walking through in the dark…it wouldn’t be intimidating. Thank you for inspiring forward my ideals…you have actualized a wonderful place…To Be.

    – j o s e f

  • I just wanted to say I absolutely love your home. I have MS and I know that I will not be able to live (on my own) away from my son, but this gives me hope. I could live in something like this on his property (when he grows up & has a family of his own). So he could live his life; while he’s still close in case something happens to me. Appreciate the views.

  • Denise says:

    This is hands-down THE BEST LOOKING tiny house EVER! So many people seem to find comfort in continuing to replicate the same old floor plan and built-ins over and over again, to the point where most tiny houses start to blur together and look like they’re part of a suburban master planned community.

    I remember thinking that as soon as these two were introduced on the show I just knew their house would rock…there’s no way people with such unique personal styles would settle for a generic tiny house. I had my builder create a sliding barn door for the bathroom in my backyard tiny guest house before ever seeing one before, and now it seems like they’re popping up everywhere in THs – brilliant!

  • Patrick says:

    I really love this tiny home, but I’m not too sure it would be warm enough for Nebraska winters, they can be pretty brutal at times!
    Would be ok if we didn’t get so much wind. O love that it has a staircase instead of a ladder to get to the loft, though! Otherwise, I
    think I could handle living in a tiny house just like this one!

  • James Frey says:

    Can you purchase a home like this already built?

  • Glenwrick Elliott says:

    Love the layout. What would happen if you could double the width? I have never heard of people disappointed in the long run to the tiny home concept. Where in the country is the tiny home concept wether mobile or permanent embraced?

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  • DelayneRulo says:

    I’ve looked at many tiny homes in preparation for retirement and this plan is the best! Love it! Great job! Looking forward to using some of your ideas in my own home when the time comes.

  • Michelle Rule says:

    I love the bar area. Can you please tell me who the accordion window manufacturer is?

  • Joy Conway says:

    Just love this home. Makes me want to take the plunge to Tiny House living NOW!

  • Doug says:

    Would you tell me about the bifold Windows; where you found them; size; cost?

  • Michelle says:

    Holy moly! By far the nicest I’ve seen so far! I could totally see myself living here! <3

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