The Wedgie

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A 160 square feet retirement tiny house with built-in bunk beds and ammo can wood stove. Built by Tiny Happy Homes. More photos here. Photos by Wildflowers Photography.


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  1. Folks, you really need to fire your interior designer. The inside is tastefully painted a soothing teal blue then POW! a smack in the face when you pan around and get an eyeful of the hideous blue cabinetry with siren RED countertops. It is a delightful tiny house with that jarring exception.

    1. I have to laugh; my cabinets are exactly that color! But the red counter wouldn’t be my first choice, exactly. Was it a client’s choice? Otherwise, it’s quite a lovely little house, and a nice alternative to the all-wood interior which makes some spaces seem a bit close.

      I would love more explanatory photos: what IS going on in that bathroom?

  2. What is that space at the back with the black towel bar across it? It’s not clear what this is. It looks like it might be a bathroom, but then there seem to be two handles (in black) on the floor which look like doors to a cupboard (on the floor). Very confusing. And is that a soaking tub to the right under the window and what looks like a cover over the side in the first interior shot?

  3. Wow what a great little house! My husband and I are currently converting a 2001 Thompson school bus and always love coming to your sight for inspiration. I love the blues and the simple lines. We hope to also have a loft space for our bed. We keep updated posts on our website of our progress. Come and check it out!

  4. I think the surplus ammo can stove is awesome!! Even if you don’t like the colors, you have to respect the space saving design of this build! It looks to me like there could even be enough room for a water tank and batteries to make this a complete offgrid system.

  5. I disagree with previous posters – I think the colour choice in the kitchen is great – bold certainly, but at least not boring and predictable. Fight the beige/grey brigade!!

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