The Tiny









A tiny house mounted to a box trailer and made from 95% recycled materials in Marrickville, Australia. Photos by Alicia Fox. Built by James Galletly.


  • helenbeee says:

    OMG Im so excited!!!!!!!
    tiny houses are hitting Aussie shores! This is the first proper tiny house built and ready for sale.
    Hopefully there will be more on the way……..I would have built and be living in one if it wasnt for my partner who absolutely refuses to contemplate living in one so my plan is to build one for myself and have it on our property and Ill live in it parttime and hopefully he will come round to the idea at some point.

    Check out living big in a tiny house youtube channel if you havent already some really interesting designs on there.

  • Robin says:

    This is very adorable and so well built. But “PLEASE!!!!”, I’m begging you and everyone like you….this is a Tiny ROOM on wheels, not a Tiny HOUSE and it should be talked about, as such. A “home” typically has a place to sleep/eat/hang out. Whether it has an indoor bathroom or not, well, some would argue that point, since so many pioneer homes had an outhouse rather than indoor bathroom. So, this is a pretty little “bedroom on wheels”, but truly not a HOME on wheels. At least that’s my thoughts, which takes nothing away from the charm of this dwelling. 😀

  • Sue Nadell says:

    Hi. My name is Sue Nadell and I work at a production company called Pie Town based in Los Angeles. We produce the show “House Hunters” and we’re about to dedicate an entire week long special to the tiny house movement. I’m currently searching to feature properties in Savannah or Jacksonville. Can you tell me more about this sweet little house posted above? Many thx. -Sue

  • Jennifer says:

    I do love the look, but if it was honestly a tiny house, I think it would have to have a kitchen or cooking surface. But lovely in general.

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