The Independence

A self-contained tiny house built by high school students.

A 98 square feet tiny house on wheels built by high school students in California. More info. here.


  • Sandra says:

    At $38k this is way over priced, even with the solar system. $380 a square foot?

    • Casey Friday says:

      Nah, this isn’t overpriced. The materials alone probably cost $20 to $25k, and RV manufacturers don’t take zero profit on their off-gassing machines, so tiny house builders shouldn’t have to either.

      Why does such a majority of the internet think tiny houses should be ridiculously cheap / free?

    • I agree Sandra. That is a really small trailer and no way what I see in these pics, materials or space does it justify that price. I’m all for people making a profit but this is robbing one blind. IMO.

  • Cee Jay says:

    The front porch looks too big and therefore takes footage off the internal area. The kitchen window looks (and is) far too low, and it looks unfinished.

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