The Duck Chalet

A tiny house on wheels with a removable front porch and nice-looking interior.

While designing this tiny house, the limitations of space and storage were a key component to every facet of this design process. Plenty of storage nooks and crannies were integrated for all of life’s necessities.

A tiny house on wheels in Carthage, New York. More info. here.


  • Hello, and thank you for sharing such lovely pic’s of your tiny house!!! I am just green with envy at how perfect and gorgeous your house is…perfectly functional, all the choices I would make myself had I the opportunity. I also love thew esthetic choices you’ve made, with the natural wood, the larger windows in the loft, the abundance of large windows in the lower level, the bathroom at the end of the house past the kitchen…I could go on and on! Just perfect!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world in your darling place!

  • Eric Archer says:

    As an avid woodworker I am amazed at the thought that went into your tiny home. I’d like to hear more about the process of building your home. If you don’t mind dropping me a note I would appreciate it.


  • Jane says:

    This is still my favorite tiny, tiny house. If I were younger, this is what I would have built. I ALmost built it anyway, but I realized that I would never sleep downstairs here, and wouldn’t be able to reach the loft for many more years. I think it’s the perfect design for younger tiny housers. Congratulations! Are you still building and selling?

  • Annie Coburn says:

    I’m impressed with the amount of custom storage you’ve included in your tiny house. In my tiny house ( I’ve opted more for open space rather than storage. The way you did your ladder to the loft is pure genius. I lost lots of sleep and went through rems of designs trying to minimize the space hog of the ladder. My solution was the simple library ladder – not very creative. If I build another tiny house, I plan to try other ideas. Congratulations on a beautiful tiny house.

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