Tru Form Tiny


TruForm Tiny built this tiny house for a winery in California. Digging it.

  • Robert

    See... you do what the customer wants and get zapped. Don't t due what the customer wants, get ...

  • Kate Crawford

    A full mitre such as the one shown is actually pretty wasteful of materials. This is because in...

CAFAM Tiny Cabin


Checkout this tiny house cabin being raffled at The CAFAM Museum in Los Angeles, California.

  • Ibnar A Stratibus

    This is certainly a big improvement to anyone who is homeless without a roof, and 4 walls and l...

  • Jimmy

    It's an "Artist's Retreat". Give the guy some credit....



This tiny house has some unique styling situations going on that I haven’t seen before. I would explain, but just take a look at the photos to see what I mean.

  • Mike

    Great vibe Alexis. Feels like somewhere else everywhere you look. Me likey....

  • Robin

    Great home! Looks like your kitty agrees too!...

The Wedge


This tiny house features a night look where the rear of the home juts out, creating more room. Bonus, it’s completely off grid and net zero.

  • Mike

    Can we turn it inside out?...

  • Robin

    I hope you guys won the competition! Great house. I could live in your tiny home. So cool it wa...

Handcrafted Modern


This tiny house in Greenwood, California has all the bases covered in terms of living comfy, all in a tiny house modern setting.

  • Margret

    It's very nice, but still always am puzzled why there is no stair railing on the outside......s...

  • Dorothy

    I really, really dislike "climb in and crawl" lofts. I'm short and don't mind bending over a ...

5th Wheel Cottage


This tiny house makes use of the room over the 5th wheel trailer’s tongue by placing the elevated sleeping area there.

  • David

    Just a helpful tip for tiny house builders: location of HVAC units are critical. The air handl...

  • Jeff

    Share your plans and we will see if "no tiny house design out there has even come close to" you...

Eddie built his tiny house with very high-end, natural materials in California.

Eddie’s Custom Built Tiny House


Eddie built his tiny house with very high-end, natural materials in California.

  • Jane Moimoi

    I love the unique feature over the oven top....

  • Linda Rea

    I'm sorry but I don't understand why people get on here and nit pick somebody about the house t...

Dream Big Dwell Small Tiny House


A THOW with two sleeping lofts currently for sale on Tiny House Listings.

  • Gail

    Beautiful! Just beautiful. The thin! Nice decorators touch, too....



  • Lone Hansen

    Very nice craftsmanship. It is rare to see well made woodwork in tiny houses. Sleek harmonious ...

  • Holly Reinard

    I am very interested in these pods, please contact me...

Hideaway Ramona


This Tiny House is located at The Hideaway Ramona, a tiny house hotel located on a small farm in San Diego county.

  • Dave &Barb Henry

    We are interested in a tiny home to stay in near our daughter in Poway for the month of January...

  • Pat

    How much are you selling the Ramona for?...