Sylvan Go

A lightweight home-on-the-go by SylvanSport.

This is our cool, (micro) camping trailer the ‘GO’. It carries a ton of gear and is extremely small, compact and efficient. When you reach your destination it quickly opens up into a fun, spacious camper, capable of sleeping up to 5-6 people on a King-and-a-half-sized bed, with 6’5” head room and a dining table.

A towable lightweight gear hauler and camper made by SylvanSport. More info. here.


  • tdog says:

    This is a tent, not a tiny house. It’s a nice tent, but it’s a tent. More actual tiny houses please.

  • scotty says:

    I love this camper. But the price point is crazy! If you compare the price of a quality utility trailer and a quality tent (like North Face) it’s just a fraction of the base price of the Sylvan. for several thousand less you could also buy a Livin Lite Quicksilver pop up.

  • dewhit says:

    No . It is not cool. It is a overpriced and useless. It needs some claws to be a parade float.

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