Poorest Tourist Campy


A 30+ year old camper gutted and made new again by this young nomadic couple.








Our home is a remodeled Toyota Camper.

In December of 2014 my fiance and I bought a 1983 Toyota Sunrader. We spent the next month working countless hours remodeling it to be a minimalist mobile apartment on wheels.

The interior features a curved bamboo closet, rebuilt Ikea Tylosand couch, queen size Tempurpedic mattress, white pine ceiling, and floating bathroom door. We love the freedom Campy gives us to explore new places and grow closer together. More of our story can be found at The Poorest Tourist

A remodeled 1983 Toyota Camper owned, remodeled and shared by Buck & Penny. More info. The Poorest Tourist.


  • Petra S. says:

    I’ve always wondered how these small 4 cylinder jobs like the Sunrader, Dolphin, Leprechaun, etc. stood up to the weight & wear & tear of a camper.

    • Douglas says:

      I can’t speak to performance with that engine, but they are built on 1 ton chassis so the weight is not an issue. Typical Toyota engineering quality leads me to believe they are very reliable, and probably get considerably better milage than their Dodge/Ford/Chevy counterparts.

  • Terry says:

    Wow! This is the neatest renovation I’ve ever seen done on an old camper

  • Petra, as owners of a 1983 Toyota Dolphin with a LOT of miles under our belts, I can tell you that these rigs do just fine as long as you understand their limitations. Long uphill slogs will generally find you over in the breakdown lane with the trucks, churning uphill in 1st or 2nd gear. In the hottest days in places like Arizona, this can combine to overheat the engine if you don’t pull over and let her cool down occasionally. You also aren’t likely to be keeping up with 70 and 80 mph traffic. But, if you’re cool with all that, these little campers something special indeed.

  • Lisa E. says:

    What’s the gas mileage on something like this?

  • geoff says:

    Glad to See you’se two’se is Still Alive!!!

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