Molecule 180

Another build by Molecule Tiny Homes, this one is 180 square feet.


  • Mary says:

    Love it! I would like this style!

    • Hi guys.

      We are very interested in having our dream home brought the life. We know that we want ’37 – ’40 with possibly slightly slanted roof. Kind of a box building. We want to maximize the space. Please contact me and let me know where I can better describe much needed house and where we can discuss plans, timeframes, etc.

      Thank you,


  • fred says:

    I like it. Good job!

  • Sue Huckle says:

    Do you have pictures of this with furniture so that someone could see what kind of room there is for ‘living space’??
    I’d love to see pictures which shows the bedroom with the bed and storage room, as well as pics of the downstairs area
    eating area / livingroom!
    VERY nicely done btw!! LOVE the ’tiles’ around the tub, and sinks! Are they ceramic ?

  • Janet says:

    This Tiny house by far the best floor plan. Love the stairs to loft!

  • diane says:

    This is the best tiny house built so far, great job!

  • Karen says:

    How much does this cost?

  • taylor says:

    Do you have these blueprints available?

  • sc says:

    on the video they said the client designed this house. she did and great job.

  • Nanci says:

    This could be built for waaaay less than $45k. Probably half that. Maybe less.

  • This build is yet another reason why Molecule Tiny Homes is one of my very favorite tiny house builders. They do everything just right, and beautifully too–including building stairs instead of ladders. Thumbs up on yet another awesome build!

  • Cristy says:

    Genius idea! I love this one . I want one too!!

  • Peaches says:

    Great design and execution! It’s also very interesting for another reason: the house is on foundations and not built on a trailer. This suggests that the structure has not been built to comply with RV regulations (and I can’t see how it would). Trailers are the loophole for avoiding building code compliance, so it would appear this structure is subject to applicable building regulations. Assuming this is correct, I’d be very interested to know whether this structure has building permission and, if so, to hear about the experience of both the builder and owner with the planning/building permission process. I appreciate many people value the mobility of tiny homes, but it would also be good for owners to have the option of using traditional foundations and have more flexibility with size/shape configurations (e.g. not confined by road transport rules) where this better suits their needs. Cheers

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