Mobile 241


Mike Basich’s reclaimed, off-grid mobile cabin located in…well, everywhere.









  • Georgina says:

    Ive found your homes absolutely inspiring, I live in North Wales in UK, right close to the mountains. I wish I had the guts to do something like this! I think its different for a woman on her own, but maybe the opportunity hasn’t happened yet so its not inspired me enough to do it and not care! Thanks GX

  • Jeff says:

    There’s something about this workhorse rig that I really like. Lots of purpose and adventure. Not a “buy my tiny house” show or backyard trophy, looks like this house really gets used. If I saw this rig pass across my path, I’d take this dude out for a beer and listen to some stories for sure! Heck, if I owned a tire store, I’d set this guy up with some brand new rubber for the road!

  • Michelle says:

    This is SO cool!!! No frills just what a person “Needs” & WE L♥ve Husky’s!!!!! ☺M

  • Mary says:

    Love it! No frills and rustically beautiful!

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