Sierra and her husband built their tiny house with one thing in mind…using it to travel around The United States in.


  • Annette says:

    I love how well designed and attractive this really tiny space is. Where is the ladder? What is the frame over the bed for? I’m assuming there’s a shower opposite the composter? Happy trails….

  • Debbi Thomas says:

    I believe these have to be custom built either for or by the owner. I love this one. Very nicely done. Hope ya’ll enjoy it for many years and see a lot. Good health and happy trails to you.

    I built and lived in a little truck camper for several years with my cat. Only 28 square feet. I built it because I was going to lose my home. I planned to use the camper while working as a Union carpenter on construction sites. Just before it was completed, cleaning products were changed from mostly bleach based to ethanol based. Ethanol causes swelling that makes my brain not work so I am disabled by it. I moved into my little camper Christmas Even 2008. It was not quite complete, but enough. It was a life saver.

  • Dominick Bundy says:

    Like the flip up/ down table.. , Done up very well… but no closet for hanging clothes..

  • Amber C Johnson says:

    Nice and homey feeling.

  • Michael Lynch says:

    Did you have any problems finding places to park it during your travels? I’ve heard some people say RV parks are receptive while others have indicated that had issues.

    I’d really like to do this. I’d much rather spend the time and money on building a tiny home to travel with. It just seems so much more personal than buying an RV.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful little home!

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