Jumping Creek Pottery Wagon


Kaitlan’s tiny traveling business in Canada.








Jumping Creek Pottery wagon was designed and built by potter/ carpenter Kaitlan Murphy. I built this trailer to cater to my desire to sell my pottery directly to the consumer. People are more likely to buy a gift when they have met the artisan and had a fun experience.

The wagon is 18 feet by 8 feet. It weights 6,500 pounds and is towed by a 1995 Ford f250. The process of building the tiny house was great fun. I feel putting the curves in the end hip roofs along with the eyebrow dormer takes away from the static feeling I usually associate with the short eves of highway faring tiny homes.

I have worked on a wide range of building projects such as homes, to schools, to wind turbines to wood sheds. Building small allows me to have fun with the materials and think of the carpentry as more of a line sketch. If anyone is interested in having a wild and interesting home/ tiny home built for them, give me a shout!

A tiny traveling business in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada. Photos and owned by Kaitlan Murphy. More info here.


  • I LOVE your concept. Being a business women for many years and traveling to and fro to craft shows throughout the Adirondack Mountains in NYS, I have often filled my journals with trailers like yours with ideas to do the same. The beautiful presentation alone of the outside would make me want to buy.

  • Love this tiny shop on wheels and totally love the pottery. Hope that you have a website!

  • Lesley says:

    As a horse person who has gone to horse shows for many, many years, I absolutely LOVE the idea of your pottery wagon! Your work is so amazing and such a finely crafted, high quality product!. The wagon is beautiful and, I agree, such a better way to display your work than a “typical” horse show shop crammed with items! It’s very difficult to browse and see what they have How often do you have to change locations? What do you do with your pottery when you move from one show ground to another? Do you have to box it up? Can you leave it inside the wagon? if so, how do you secure it? Sorry for all the questions. I’m just very curious! One again stupendous work and wagon!! Brilliant idea!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thank you for the kind compliments. Last year was the first year of business for my little trailer and I was set up in one place all summer. I had great success where I set up, but this summer I also plan to get into a few music festivals. The trailer bounces a lot when being moved, so I would definitely transport the potter in the back of my truck and not in the trailer. People love pottery, but people also love interesting experience and I am humbly aware that is the reason for my summer time pottery success. What ever works and is fun right? Katy http://www.jumpingcreekpottery.com

  • helenbeee says:

    this is amazing!
    I love it and such a timely post as this is exactly what Ive been wanting to do build a tiny shop on wheels and drive it to my clientele.
    Such a beautiful design and your pottery is nice too.

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