Idaho Tiny House

A tiny house more square feet than usual.


  • Sandra says:

    After literally hundreds of small/tiny home pictures and articles I find it odd so many small mistakes are made. This unit is nice, but more utilitarian than pleasing to the eye. The exterior looks stark and the interior is pretty bland. Also the stairs/ ladder look very dangerous. 15 steps and no railing seems really awkward. As a matter of personal preference I also think the flooring is running the wrong way. That said, the layout is really nice and the kitchen very spacious. Good job there for sure.

    • I look at tiny houses constantly. I’m obsessed. There are some features of this one I really LOVE. For one think, I prefer the steps to a ladder, which I think is really a pain. I prefer no loft designs for that reason. I think a railing could be easily added. I like the steps though. Also, I love it that it has a real toilet and not a composting one. If you have ever had a composting toilet, they are not as cool as some people seem to think. I love the amount of counter space in the kitchen. I think this design has really gotten a lot of utility in a small amount of space. As to the oustide, I agree, but I think some sort of exterior material could be added easily and could suit whatever style a person wanted. I really like this one.

    • Mike says:

      I have to agree. At this scale, you’d be better off buying a park model mobile home. The whole appeal of a Tiny House is how much value you can put into 200 square feet and generally less. People make the mistake that McMansion developers do – they want to build the biggest tiny house they can tow. Wrong. The exercise should be about scale, quality, charm and value.

      • Sandra says:

        I agree..there should be a line where common sense kicks in. Park models are getting to be very nice units. The ability to tow it yourself diminishes with every foot you add in length. At some point your average 1/2 ton truck won’t do the trick and you have lost the mobility. At that point you might as well have a 12-16′ wide park model. My F-150 (new, biggest motor) does not like towing my 8.5×16′ tiny home very well. Sucks gas too! The unit above looks heavy, and does not appeal to any sense of I would be out on this unit. Also those stairs/ladder look so dangerous. No inspector would have OK’ed them. It is imperative when building that you treat a tiny home on wheels build the same as a stationary build.

        • Nikasha says:

          This is very interesting discussion. I notice a lot of little “mistakes” in these houses too, but since there is very often signs of recent construction (window stickers, etc.), I usually assume they jumped the gun and sent pictures before construction was complete. I would assume that’s the case here, since it doesn’t look like the shower has received final grout/caulk.

          I agree that a railing would be critical for the usability of that staircase. I don’t necessarily agree that you have to treat building a tiny home on wheels the same as a stationary build. Sure, you should make sure things are functional and safe, but one reason many people build them is to avoid the rules and regulations associated with a stationary building. If you treated it the same and put in a full size staircase, for instance, there wouldn’t be much room for anything else.

          Also, towing mobility may be a factor for many tiny home owners, but I have heard of plenty that hired a truck to tow their home into place and didn’t have any further plans to move it. I don’t think that alone would make me rule out a custom wheeled home in favor of a park model.

        • jesse says:


          this is my tiny house I built, and i just wanted to clear a few things up. First off the weight of this is 7,200 lb’s which Is fairly light when it comes to rvs also have a fifth wheel that weighs more than this. most off other people that build these with a loft have a ladder instead of stairs but i opted for stairs in a tight area. As for the exterior it is a cedar board and batt that has a natural stain on it, again I believe for Idaho which is where this is located it would sell better then cheaper siding. This unit was inspected by the state of Idaho and received a brand new vin number and a 2014 title as a rv.

          thank you for the comments

          • Anni says:

            I think you’ve done an awesome job on it. It’s easy for people on the internet to be armchair critics. It’s a whole ‘nother matter to actually accomplish something like this. Congrats on your inspection and title!

      • Shane says:

        A park model completely and totally defeats the purpose.

    • Shane says:

      As a professional flooring installer, the floor in this house is running the correct way. The rule is to always lay in the direction of the greatest sources of light. As most of the windows on this house are on the sides, and the doors are a very large source of lights, they ran the flooring in the correct direction.

  • Val Ward says:

    I love this!
    just thinking, if you made the stairs out just a little more angle, you could make shelves on the back of the stairs for the kitchen. you know women like their shelves….
    I love it so much. How much did it cost to make?? thanks, Val

  • I maybe able to afford a vintage travel trailer to fix up. I am a senior citizen with 2 Chihuahuas that would love to die in something that is mind and not in apartments. I never see these for sell anymore, Help please without a car I can only look on line. Help please.

  • Merav says:

    Not bad for home made. I’d be afraid to fall out of bed or down the stairs. Both really need railings. Also the kitchen counter needs edging.

  • Rae Spencer says:

    This is a link to an article about a couple (both artists) who live in a converted bus…towing a small Vardo behind them. It’s another fine example of living a small but satisfying lifestyle. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  • Lori Syring says:

    What would be the cost?
    Thanks Lori

  • James says:

    Like most negative comments on this site, they area made by experts
    Who have never built anything but their ego.
    Kudos to you on a job well done and the guts it takes to
    Do it yourself…
    As for the experts, let’s see your tony house going down the road…!
    I think not

  • Sharon C says:

    I really like this and saw the completed unit on your website. The ONLY thing I would do differently is either make the french doors a single door OR switch the french doors and the middle window in order to make a 2nd loft. That is what we need. Otherwise…love it!

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