Two story micro house.

In the size of an internationally standar- dized freight container a wooden container has been developed with different variants for residential uses. The box can be shipped around the world and placed with standard lifting and transport systems for container.

Micro home with a base footprint of only 75 square feet and two stories to minimize land needed to place the home on. Designed by Slawik Architects.


  • James Walsh says:

    Thank you for shareing this beautiful design.I would like to see more details and possibly how to go about owning one.I am a DAV and just want a tight quarters for me only that would make my life easier getting around in.
    Jim Walsh

  • Beautiful. Fun. GENIUS.
    Finally, someone who took container architecture past Adam Kalkin, past LO-TEK and even past the stacking apartment units in Europe. What you have done is amazing–and I truly applaud you.
    Now let’s hope that the right person sees this and gets you going. It is possible…Ms. Romero did it, so can you!
    Good Fortune to you,
    Daniel Morris

  • Thanks for finally talking about > HomeBox | Tiny House Swoon < Loved it!

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