A shippable, easy-to-install home.

Inspired by the hexagonal honeycomb structures built by honey bees to store honey and pollen within a beehive – HIVEHAUS® has been designed by Barry Jackson to be an ultra compact but extremely comfortable living space suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Identically proportioned hexagonal cells can be joined together at any time by any or all of their six sides to create a modular cluster of connected cells or ‘Hive’. Each cell has an internal floor area of 9.3 m2 and is designed to be used as a specific work/live space i.e. office cell, lounge cell, Kitchen cell, sleep cell or bathroom cell, uniform internal partition walls (with or without pocket doors) can be added or removed as required allowing airy open plan spaces to become cosy individual rooms and vice versa.The flexibility of the HIVEHAUS® modular system permits easy bespoke expansion of the ‘Hive’ allowing it to grow with the individual users requirements.

Delivered to site as flatpack components by standard palletised transport enabling HIVEHAUS® to be installed on hard to access sights with ease – a single cell can be erected by 2/3 people within one day without the need for heavy machinery – adjustable legs and minimal foundations allow for erection on sloping or uneven terrain without problem. And because the compact nature of HIVEHAUS® fits within the legal limitations for garden rooms the need for planning permission in most cases is not required.

Floor and roof panels are constructed from interconnecting triangular structural timber frames connected together via a tubular steel framework and powder coated steel clad Sips panels. The sectional GRP roof covering  has been designed to accommodate a green roof system and is topped off with large circular sky domes which allow natural light to flood into the compact spaces making them feel much larger then they actually are.

Hexagonal decks of the same proportions can be connected allowing external expansion of the ‘Hive’ and an ingenious opening ‘Fire wall’ allows connection between the interior and exterior space instantly doubling the living area during the summer months.

Photos by Barry Jackson. More info. here.


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