A micro house inspired by the book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”

Here is my tiny house we built. It’s fully wired and insulated with foam panels. The window on the end allows for a nice view but allows solar heat during the winter.

The floor space measures 4 wide by 5’8 long and can sleep 2 average sized compatible and hopefully agreeable adults. one can also sleep at a diagonal if they exceed the length. There is a desk at the other end for doing art. This is where I sit and chill, read and/or unroll the hippie chair for a quick nap. She is insulated with 3/4 foam and the window on the end allows for passive solar heating. Heats up great with a little tiny space heater.

Every nook and corner made to work

A place to sit and do art or eat or draw.

The view from outside on a foggy night. This gives you an idea of the cozy factor. Ceiling height is 7 ft which makes a big difference in the space feeling more expansive.

I have a teeny tiny porch here to park an ice chest or a camping stove or to store lawn chairs or what not. The hook on the upper right holds a solar shower which heats up nicely and does the trick of getting clean.

Henrietta was conceived out of Deek Dedrickson’s book,”Humble Shacks,” and the specs were suppose to be the Gypsy Junker but she apparently came out a bit shorter on the dimensions. Floor space measures 4 wide by 5’8 in length and ceiling height is 7 ft topped by a metal roof. I showed my contractor what I wanted and he put it together in his own special way. She was constructed on a steel heavy duty cart frame with small wheels, (bought from Northern Tools) She is not road worthy in that manner but we can easily pull her with our 19 horsepower residential zero turn lawnmower or by hand with two strong adults. There is no DMV intervention with this tiny house and we can’t take her on the road. We move her around our very large lawn until we find the right spot to view and conduct business, (which is reading, napping, listening or playing music, drumming, doing art and in short chilling out.) The dogs love it and it’s a place one can rejuvenate and recharge. She has a large re-purposed floor to ceiling window on one end which affords a great view and also allows for solar heat to fill her up. A small solar fan was installed in the ceiling and does a great job of sucking out the stale air. She is fully wired with two overhead lights inside and electrical outlets wire for power tools,fans, space heaters etc. We installed 3/4 inch foam panel insulation in between the studs. She’s retains heat well and a very small space heater warms her up quickly. Coupled with passive solar heat and she’s very efficient. Depending on the season, she’s easily moved to under the trees for shade or turned around to allow a southern exposure during the colder months.On the large solar window, a interior mounted silver aluminum mini- blind was installed into the frame and this reflects sunlight, darkens the space and does a fine job of blocking heat.

A unexpected benefit of this structure is that it’s works like a giant drum. You can bang on the walls to music and get a unique and powerful drum beat and tone.

Henrietta serves as an art studio/ or a small guest house for 2 average sized and agreeable adults or a chill space/ creation station for those needing a break from the world, which is all of us!

Built and owned by Mimi Day.


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