Harrisonburg Tiny House


Sara’s two-story tiny house in Harrisonburg, Virginia.









  • Lisa Tallchief says:

    Now that is what I am talking about. That is just right

  • Mollie says:

    I’m wondering if this two story tiny home comes in on trailer bed.

  • Andrea Faust says:

    I have a hard time getting my head around the second door. Is there a door leading directly from the outside into the bathroom?

  • Douglas says:

    I love it. There’s a few thing’s I’d do different, but those are esthetic things important to me as an individual. (For instance, I’d kick a roof out over the porch.)

    But nicely done.

  • I think that is really nice. Can one get plans for it? I love the stairs. Mine would only be slightly different.

  • Eleanor says:

    This is ideal. I would probably plan the kitchen space a bit differently, but the location of the two great necessities — stairs and bathroom — are handled very, very well. I might design a different type of stair — the dog just hates open risers on stairs — but that’s not really a huge problem. The patio surrounding the house is lovely, too. Add a few trees, and you’ve got yourself the perfect empty-nester home.

  • kurlykolly says:

    This is so cute. I love the bedroom set up. Is that a full size bed or a twin?

  • Lozza says:

    Nowhere near enough windows but I really like it anyway. My dream home!

  • Mike says:

    Everything you need, nothing you don’t. And really nicely pulled together. Anyone could be comfortable here.

  • Timaree says:

    I would have a closet upstairs instead of a settee and I’d have a counter with space under it for a washer/dryer combo instead of the snack bar but otherwise this is really cute. I live someone’s comment about putting a roof over the porch.

  • gmh says:

    I like the proper upstairs as opposed to a loft- but would also put a closet there.

    But mostly what I want with every single swoon-worthy house is a floor plan. When I can see a floor plan, I can visualize where everything goes and how I could live in it. I don’t want an architectural drawing, just a sketch. I don’t even need dimensions, just let me see where every room is laid out in relation to all the other rooms.

  • kristin√† nadreau says:

    Nice decor. With a wrap around porch it could be a liveable home for a couple. It is a rental b n. B.

  • jo chanin says:

    Beautiful and cozy

  • Debbie B says:

    Love the upstairs space and that it is not a loft accessible by ladder. This old lady can’t do ladders. Don’t care for the downstairs layout. Seems like a lot of wasted space. I would prefer the kitchen on the same wall as the front door using the opposite side for “living room”. Current kitchen seems disjointed having to walk around the snack/eating bar to the fridge. Cute place overall and again, love the second floor.

  • Michael S says:

    Looks very cool but I guarantee anyone having to cook in that kitchen would be tearing their hair out – the cooker and the sink together; the fridge a mile away; not an inch of bench space except the snack bar.

  • Michele Dunphy says:

    Really like the design of your home . What is the sq.feet ? Also , head room on second floor ? Can’t seem to find that info …Does it have a basement ? Approx . cost of building would be appreciated , I realize that changes with location . >>>>>May you have great success with your air.nb. business of renting that adorable space ! Best to you & yours . Thank you !!

  • Very, very nice. Congratulation. I would love to live in a tiny houses, but I have a problem. My wife says that a small home will produce claustrophobia. Someone advised me that I can do..Congratulation again to owner. Matt

  • Clare says:

    A wee balcony upstairs would make a huge difference – plus in an emergency it’s an additional exit.

  • Bria Perkins says:

    How much is this tiny house?

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