Gwdy Hw

A cylindrical structure perched in the trees overlooking a meandering creek.


  • i absolutely love this house with the walkway and the total privacy aroun it ……is this for sale and where in the world is it?

    • Al says:

      it’s in my backyard!…. LOL ..Yah, totally like this one too. But did’nt really care for the hang bridge they had, I can build much better functional retrieval one. I’d rather live one of these than renting an apartment or having a house paying mortgage til you die. 😛

  • Lisa says:

    Looks like the tree version of a Hobbit house; pretty kewl.
    I love the hang bridge. If you’re not receiving guests or you want to keep the wolves from your door, just take the bridge in. I also like the bathrooming facilities in the corner of the deck; very convenient (as opposed to on the ground level.)
    Very nice. Good job. 🙂

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