Fox Tiny House

We built our 165 sf tiny house on wheels in 2016. We were amazed by how liberating tiny house living can be! For us, the key was tailor made storage. There is a place for everything to be neatly tucked away to eliminate clutter. When designing the layout, we thought about how the various spaces would be used. Areas where we spend the most time standing (kitchen and bathroom) have higher ceilings, while areas where we spend more time sitting (living, office, bedroom) are stacked to maximize floor space. The sofa is nestled into the wardrobe so it can function as an additional bed. The desk and dining table fold down, so the space can transform to whatever suits the moment. We loved living here!

A 165 square feet tiny house on wheels in Houston, Texas. More info. here.


  • Travis says:

    Wonderful!!! Someone who has built there own! Applause! Looks great. Very neat and functional. Hope you enjoy it beyond your expectations.

  • Dorothy says:

    What’s with that ugly door that I assume is to the bathroom? Paint that baby a high gloss primary color!

    • Dayna D says:

      No! That door is beautiful exactly as it is! Gorgeous character and patina!

    • cussot says:

      I suspect that’s a lovingly preserved vintage door. Cute place! I like that sofa arrangement.

      • Gen says:

        You’re right! It is a vintage door from our first home. I started stripping back the layers of paint, and I loved the look of all the different shades of pastel green and blue, so I stopped, cleaned it up, and put a healthy coat of varnish on it to prevent anything from chipping.

  • Corby says:

    Great assortment of nooks and crannies. And I like the impressionist-styled door!

  • Kathy Moore says:

    Your great little abode is full of useful space saving ideas. I *love* the sofa/bed where the foot of the bed is inside the “wardrobe”. Another killer cleverness is the drop down table for 2 where the stools together with a couple of pillows as chair backs become comfy guest seating too. Best of all is the sheer size of the “wardrobe”, with drawers no less. What. A. Great. Idea. So many tinies don’t even have a closet, let alone one this size! I do wish you had let us have a peek at the bathroom to see what you did there. 165 feet huh? Coulda fooled me. Nice job!!

  • Kathy Moore says:

    Oh – I totally skipped past the over-the-top PANTRY!! Blows my mind for sure. Really all of this is the best use of limited space I have seen in the 5-6 years I have been haunting the websites looking at tinies.

  • smitty says:

    Way, way too small!

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