Fairplay Tiny House









  • John says:

    How much will you charge me to build this. Down to the penny. Thx

  • Bob G says:

    Not bad, really. Why indent the door? Just to create an irrelevant porch? I would rather that workdesk face the center window for a nice view, but I still think that small porch is a waste of space. I like that drop-down bed. Not bad for a couple.

  • Richard says:

    I sincerely hope that what I am about to say does not offend.

    As a wee boy in cowboy films many families ventured across the unchartered wilderness of the present USA in a “home” that was on wheels and was smaller than any ordenance.

    Remind your councellors of their origins.

    I =n this video there are so so many positive pointers however a lapse of memory which grinds with me as a person thinking forward practically.

    With love and respect for those who search for an option to their futures remind officials of their past.

    Kindest regards

    Richard the nomad


  • Di says:

    I love the little touches throughout. Great use of storage space. Unless there is a structural benefit I’m not aware of, the entry seems like it would benefit the inside living area much more than the outside. Especially when you’re working with 131 square feet. No offense, because you did amazing things with that tiny area!!

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