Emma’s Houseboat

A houseboat in North London. More info. here.


  • steve shay says:

    If you use the wood burning stove it should really be placed directly under the straight chimney pipe. It is against a “protection” plate against the wall, which is extremely dangerous, even though it saves room.

  • As soon as I saw Emma’s home. I figured it was in London. There are many that live on the canals in London area. All that I have seen seem very happy with that life style. In the Winter when the canals begin to freeze. A converted Tub Boat breaks up the ice.

    • Andreas says:

      I’ve lived in London for over 17 years and not once did I see the canals freeze. The temperature rarely drops below freezing, even during the coldest days of winter, for anything to freeze.

  • Rachel says:

    I so wish I could live in a houseboat! Unfortunately, it does freeze where live, in the States. How wonderful would it be, though, to have breakfast every morning out on the water?

  • Robyn J says:

    Charming! I really like seeing people in their TH posts; it gives a better sense of perspective of the size.

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