Coastal Retreat


A garage given a new purpose in California.








A 400 square feet guest home converted from a two-car garage in California. Conversion by Beth Dana Design.


  • Devan says:

    Wow! What a great conversion and use of space! Love the soft, natural colors and the fact that it’s not overly filled with “stuff”! I love Beth Dana Design. Thanks for sharing!

  • Petra S. says:

    Hope that conversion has all the right permits. A friend converted his garage, which due to the loss of an easement for the driveway, was no longer useable as a garage. He turned it into an office/studio. Unfortunately, the building codes department found out & forced him to rip everything out & turn it back into an unusable garage.

  • Trinity says:

    I just love this! So bright and cheery and the colors/design make it feel much larger than the square footage. Another great home–loving the Swoons!

  • linda says:

    The most efficient micro-kitchen I’ve ever seen. you can bake in it, broil in it, fry in it…really, anything I can do in my full-size kitchen, I could do in the one shown here. It has storage, a little counter space, lighting, quick egress and even a view.

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