Aurora Cabin


An architectural student in Northern Norway decided to build this remote retreat in the wilderness.

  • Jackie

    I like how it's minimalistic. There's plenty of space under the beds for backpacks or drawer-bu...

  • Anna

    oops...sorry Sarah. That comment was meant for someone else......

Lakeside Cabin


Tiny cabin, lakeside living in New Jersey.

  • Mike Hooten

    If it has electricity the heating and cooling would be no problem. I would like to have a kitc...

  • Connie

    The only things missing are a Fireplace and kitchen area...



A father and son architect team decided to build this tiny getaway cabin on their lake on Lake Superior.

  • Julia


  • Doug

    I am impressed how the judicious use of exterior cladding, some piping and well finished boards...

Quilcene Cabin


Ric shares with us his little cabin in Washington.

  • guenter aussmann

    That is very nice...

  • Roozter

    Well & diplomatically said! Your place is awesome!...

Ashland Cabin


A tiny cabin with lots of outdoor living space in small cutout parcel amongst a lush forest.

  • Anna

    Is there really no bathroom? That would be a shame since it's otherwise a comfortable looking ...

  • M. Plisco

    Beautiful cabin, lovely area, looks very well built, but why build all those decks and no bathr...

WAVE Eco Cabin


Echo Living is known for designing small, eco-friendly dwellings in The UK. This cabin is one of them.

  • Cee Jay

    No. Horrible doesn't begin to describe it....

  • Krista

    Is there meant to be a bathroom?...

Beacon Cabin


Carla’s two-story little cabin in wine country in Oregon.

  • Barbie Smith

    How much did this cost?...

  • Jake

    Hi Like the cabin but why are the walls in the bathroom crooked? If it is for drainage why so s...

The Kanga


This 200 square feet cabin in Austin, Texas has a modern design and practical layout.

  • Lori Lamb

    Good enough for me! Cute...

  • Julie McCarter

    I can definitely see my husband and I living out our retirement years in this home! Very nice!...

Thimbleberry Creek Cabin


This little cedar shake off-grid cabin in Oregon sits right next to the creek and was built for R&R.

  • Maryann Stensrude

    Love the tiny wood stove! Things don't have to be huge to be useful!!...

  • Not Liz

    I have begun looking for your snarky remarks . Very entertaining reading . Sorry you ...

Backyard Bunkie


This guest cabin in the mountains of North Carolina is a cozy retreat.

  • Lori Lamb


  • Lisa E.

    This is really cute. I wouldn't mind it full time if it were properly insulated to take far nor...