Cape Cod Tiny house

Downstairs bedrooms are becoming more commonplace in the tiny house world. Here is a lovely example.


  • Steve Jones says:

    So much Ikea standard furniture, I dont think they’ll last long?

  • tthom2 says:

    Nice – but – I don’t entirely get the layout. Where is this massive hidden storage room located? And – how big is that bathroom. Looks bigger than mine. Some clever (aka: tricky) photography??

  • Dominick Bundy says:

    Love all that closet and storage space Perfect!

  • Barbara says:

    A builder that FINALLY gets the need for storage and closet space! I think that this is awesome!!

    It looks like you split the loft above the master in half – and slipped a door in for hidden storage…and I think that is BRILLIANT! I love the cobalt blue cabinets to add some color.

  • Janet Villeneuve formerly Eldredge says:

    I am a Cape Cod Native thinking of some way to come back summers. I wonder where some one could put that. Would the trailer park in South Yarmouth take a tiny home ?

    • CeeCee says:

      It’s my understanding Cape Cod is not allowing these tiny homes as of 2018. I don’t know if they have changed there minds this year 2019. But I am aware of someone who bought one and was told they couldn’t have it on Cape Cod. Search online you will find the article how Cape Cod is not allowing them. Even thou there is so many people who could benefit if Cape Cod allowed them.

  • Leslie Wilhelm says:

    Looks very nice, what is the price for this one?

  • George king says:

    And where on cape can these tiny houses be placed

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