Bunk Box


The Bunk House’s size gets its size from the roots of The Tiny House Movement, back when houses were super, super tiny.









The Bunk Box Tiny House from Shelter Wise is a unique tiny house that leaves the wall framing and electrical exposed on the interior. This stylish detail has a great benefit to the homeowner: rather than covering the framing with drywall or wood paneling, they can use – and feel – an extra seven inches of width stretch out all the way to the exterior sheathing. Space is precious in a tiny home, so why let conventional construction methods hide what you could be using?

Built on a 16 foot trailer, the Bunk Box is 125 square feet on the main floor, with an additional 72 square feet in the sleeping loft. Tall people rejoice! A flat roof and exposed roof framing mean extra head height in the loft. Two large skylights, six windows, and even a second, optional door open the house to sunlight, great views and fresh air.

Learn more about the design at PAD Tiny Houses.

A 16′, 125 square feet tiny house on wheels in Portland, Oregon. More info. here.


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