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Mitch from Mitchcraft Tiny House in Colorado only recently opened its doors, but ever since it has been busy building tiny homes.








  • June says:

    Is there a tiny home builder out there that builds with a living room in mind? Seriously, I don’t want to live in a kitchen. 10 feet of counter space? In a tiny home?

    • Lynn Dormer says:

      Could not agree more, where is the cosy other than the bed?

    • Frankie says:

      Slabtown customs out of Mountainview Arkansas builds amazing tiny homes with living rooms at a very reasonable price. He is on YouTube
      His contact info is in the description.

    • Carol says:

      I get what you are saying. I too do not need more then 6ft of kitchen, I currently have 38″ and that includes the sink and stove, i do have 16″ of fold up counter top to replace the stove top when in use. I like to cook but really do not need that much space to do what i want, and you just have to be organized. (i would like a little more space but that is for the next build)I personally would focus on the lounging aspect of my house.

    • Jim Ash says:

      we do. we will custom design a Tiny home to your tastes and needs. Sleeping lofts have more headroom.

    • Jorie says:

      You might like “Ms. Gypsy Soul” which has one of the best “living room” spaces I’ve seen in a tiny home.

    • Jeff says:

      I’m sure they can build you any length kitchen and living space you want! This one just happens to focus on the kitchen. No TH design is meant to be universally functional for every person’s needs. Call them up and have them design your home.

    • Karen Caudle says:

      Thank you! Although there are many nice features in this tiny home I’m with you, I want a living room space and a comfy love seat to read or watch a movie in. A bench just doesn’t cut it. As far as cooking is concerned I love to cook as well and have cooked entire holiday meals in our 4×8 camper kitchen space so I know how much can be done in a tiny but efficient space.

  • Kaje says:

    It looks like MitchCraft builds completely custom, so you can have your living room however you want it. The website has a ton of different layout ideas.

  • Tina says:

    This house is absolutely beautiful!! I think the materials are so well designed and thought out.

  • Renetta Corn says:

    Cute, but it needs an incinerating toilet.

  • Pat Quidley says:


  • Mike says:

    This is really well pulled together. The stainless wall opposite the clerestory windows will provide a LOT of light bouncing around, which is countered by the darker color scheme.

    As an aside, since tiny homes are a more personal construction versus a standardized home, can we cut back on the ceiling heights for more headroom in the lofts? If you’re 5’10” you don’t need 8′ of headroom under the loft – I’d think 6″ more than the tallest resident should work well enough and provide better headroom in the overhead loft.

    Honestly, some of these lofts are more like a drawer…

    • Kristina H Nadreau says:

      I have thought the same thing about the headroom. I could not sleep in like that. I think that after people live in their houses for awhile they put in opening skylights there or if it permanently sited, the add a dormer for head room. there was an architect who did this in her build, the woman who added an extension to accommodate the 2 babies she had. Also a woman named June who did a spectacular red and black build complete with a roof deck. both lowered the ceilings over the kitchen and bath to make for a higher ceiling in the bedroom.

  • Linda Garland says:

    This is lovely and the ultimate dream as i plan for my own Tiny Home.

  • Dorothy says:

    Really nice but the ceiling is too low over the bed for my claustrophobia issues. I would feel crushed. I prefer normal height (no more than 8 inches) risers for the steps even if that lessens the storage area. I prefer the homes where you can actually step into the loft even if that lowers the headroom a bit on the main floor. I’m way past crawling at my age. For me the kitchen is excessive since I am not a cook. I’m sure I’d end up filling the counter areas with “stuff”.

  • LoRo says:

    The problem here is that while this is truly a lovely home (with some modifications) it is not a “home” per se and still a mobile home/RV. Meaning that this likely costs about 50-70K and in ten years it will be worth next to nothing. Because it is on wheels it is a depreciating asset rather than a home on a foundation that is appreciating. I appreciate the desire to go smaller, but if people care at all about staying out of debt and building a little nest egg for themselves, this is not the way to go. I expect people to scream that this is their home and it is so much cheaper than buying a regular house. Or that they never plan to sell. But value wise you may as well go out and buy a used RV for a fraction of the cost.

  • Peggy says:

    What brand of stove/oven did you install? I can’t quite tell how many burners it has but it looks like the grates over the burners are continuous.

  • Roxana says:

    wondering if anyone builds 400=500 sq ft tiny homes with two lofts, one on each end.
    and a small bedroom on main level. so total of three sleeping areas.

    • Desarie says:

      You should check out They have several floorplans that fit that description. Not the square footage per se. Their biggest is 355 sq ft, but several floor plans have two lofts and a flex room (bedroom/den/office) on main floor. Look at the Castle Peak model and I believe Mt. Hood. I believe the base is $47k-49k.

  • June says:

    Is my depth of field off, or would there be room for a washer next to the sink in the bathroom? I think this tiny house is beautiful. Yes, I would have less kitchen and more living room, and the bedroom ceiling is too low. But still, I love it.

  • Kat Harmeyer says:

    Please contact me am looking for someone who builds close to cincinnati OH know what I want have pics to send in 2o-24 ft trailer

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