Barbones Safari Tent

Tiny fabric house living.

A 120 square feet with weatherproof fabric and screened windows. More info. here.


  • roena says:

    What makes this tent safe for people who have MCs I’ve tried other tents an it makes me verysick ;/ tthanks Roena

  • Jerry Fisher says:


    The last camping trip I went on was a longish week. I really would have liked having this glamping set up. The trip was fun but it was tough on my back waking up every morning on the hard ground after the air mattress had ungraciously deflated under me in the night (but in my defense, I was still recovering from lumbar disc fusion surgery two months before). Good times just the same though.

    Looking at these photos, I keep resisting the urge to schlep out in search of tent material so I can make my own version of this tent at home during the winter months so I’ll be ready to deploy it when warmer weather returns. Hmmm…

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