The Crow Off Grid Cabin

I wanted to share some photos and info our our show home. It’s The Crow
Off Grid Cabin Edition and comes with the following features:

– Custom made 24′ tiny house trailer w/ 7000 lbs axles, 4 corner jacks,
extended hitch, 8’5” width & galvanized steel underbelly. 24’ in length
(main body) + 5’6” hitch, + 4’ when deck is down. This model can be built
in other lengths from 20′ to 32′.

– Elevated bathroom floor w/ 109 litre (29 gallon) fresh & 54 litre (14
gallon) grey water tanks, hot water heater, RV propane furnace, batteries
& extra storage underneath. Interior and exterior access. Water tank
capacity can be doubled at expense of storage.

– Spray foam insulation featuring R33 in floor including R5 thermal break,
R22 in walls, R33 in ceiling.

– Pine T&G interior siding, cedar & metal exterior siding, metal split
gable roof

– Aluminum framed, black powder coated rear deck w/ cedar decking. Entire
deck flips up and locks in place when travelling. Lockable aluminum legs.
Exterior plugins – 110 volt, 12 volt, USB.

– One upper bedroom loft on 4×4 cedar beams w/ storage staircase.

– 20,000 BTU forced air propane furnace w/ 3 registers

– Precision Temp RV 550 4 season hot water heater

– LED projection TV w/ pull down screen

– IKEA kitchen w/ upper & lower cabinets, Dickinson Marine stainless steel
propane range w/ 3 burners – butcher block – oven w/ broiler, Broan
stainless steel fume hood, LG energy efficient 11.5 cu ft top found fridge
& freezer, 1.6 cu ft energy & water efficient washing machine, double
stainless steel sink, laminate flooring.

– IKEA furniture w/ additional storage & slide out bed.

– Full bathroom w/ 34″ stand up frosted glass shower, Separette Composting
Toilet, IKEA tall cabinet, IKEA vanity & double glass wall cabinet. Attic
hatch access to additional storage. Waterproof vinyl plank flooring.

– Double pane energy efficient windows w/ sliding patio door (adjustable
blinds between panes of glass so they never need cleaning and won’t get

– LED lights throughout, cable and ethernet ready.

– Cubic Mini Grizzly wood stove w/ mini tools, heat shields, kindling
maker and additional storage below.

– Off grid solar package includes:

2 – 165 watt solar panels (room for 2 more)
4 – 6 volt AGM maintenance free batteries @ 225 amp each
1 – Charge Controller
1 – Magnum 2000 watt inverter/charger (3000 watt surge)

– 30 amp electrical service, Readouts for solar panels & batteries, RV
style water and grey water hookups.

– Yamaha 3000 watt (23.3 amps) inverter series generator on HD slides can
power entire home & charge batteries, 2 – 30lb propane tanks, 10 litre
(2.64 gallon) gas can, with plenty of addition storage in enclosure over
hitch w/ cedar siding.

A 24′ custom tiny house built by Blackbird Tiny Homes.


  • Jan says:

    These photos leave me with basically no idea what the interior of the house looks like.

  • David says:

    6 volts? Hmmmmm…… This could potentially cause fire. It would have been better to use 24 or 48 volts. It is however difficult to see what the actual house looks like. We see appliances, a bed and a sofa. But is difficult to see how the house actually looks like – Hence the floorplan.

  • golftdibrad says:

    These pictures are terrible, i have no idea what the inside is like. Other than it has a fireplace, a stove, an inverter, projector, and washing machine

  • Sharon Brown says:

    The pictures do not give the TOW the look it deserves..the pics are only of components!

  • Bob G says:

    What a terrible display. You zoomed in on appliance labels and some hardware, but didn’t show us what this thing looked like. This is in the top worst swoons ever offered.

  • Evening Iris says:

    We need more photographs to be able to fully appreciate the inner spaces. You have been quite diligent in capturing all of the appliances available to personalize each build, but we do need a better sense of the interior spaces to be able to judge if this configuration is efficient for our needs. I really appreciate the fact that this build is off-grid. I believe it should be standard that both park hook-ups and off-grid equipment be in every build; you never know when you might need to go off-grid (like a forest fire, earthquake, or storm surge.)

  • Melibaum says:

    Je trouve, au contraire, que ces zoom sont intéressants. C’est vrai qu’on n’a pas trop de vue d’ensemble niveau déco mais c’est important aussi de connaitre les aspects “techniques”. Le texte de fin est très détaillé à ce propos et donc instructif. Merci pour ce bel esprit de partage et d’entraide !

  • Christopher S says:

    This is the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment on a ‘swoon’. It’s clear you’re very proud of what is likely a well built tiny home, and you have a number of photographs with nice, sharp focus. Unfortunately, the overall effect was greatly diminished by having the display consist essentially of closeups and a few external shots—there’s no sense of the space, of how the living areas connect with cooking and sleeping areas, for example. Including even just one picture of the space as a whole would have improved this ‘swoon’ a great deal.

  • Karen C says:

    Great closeups of the appliances. I wonder what the house looks like.

  • Barb Duder says:

    I would bet that this is a cute little house – but all I see is hardware, the appliances, and the inside of a washing machine. I can tell by where the house is at that you are probably trying to sell it. It would be great if you could post actual photos of the house…instead of artistic photos of the stove and a padlock.

  • DD says:

    I totally agree with Bob G. Like a big tease! Where’s the rest of the house?

  • Blackbird says:

    To Bob and Barb: There were other photos offered, but not all were posted – including all of the bathroom photos. If you wish to see more photos or specific photos, just contact us and we’d be happy to send them.

  • smitty says:

    Brand names, brand names and more shots of brand names??????????????

    So what does the inside of the trailer look like?

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