Prefab Tiny House

Hi this is my prefab ‘containix’ 2×30′ house I built with the help of one friend in the summer of 2010. It was build in 2 weeks and another 2
weeks to build the interior walls. The external roof to keep the heat of the roof was build later. The prefab is well insulated and double
glazed, and situated on the wind with a view of east-coast Bonaire. I have water from the grid but electricity from 4 solar panels. The fridge works on gas, which I use for cooking as well.

I live on Bonaire, a small Island in the Caribbeans a former Netherlands Antilles, now a ‘special municipality’ of the Netherlands.

View the entire build here.


  • Tom Thomas says:

    Where’s this located? Why those horrendous bars on the sliders??
    Are they trying to keep folks IN……or…..OUT????

  • Fredster says:

    The “burglar bars” are there – as you’d expect – to keep out burglars and other riff-raff. Wherever you have culture breakdown, and poverty, people just steal whatever’s not nailed down. Sheltered Americans are always so surprised. In the wealthiest country in the world, and the only country founded on the idea of personal responsibility, many areas of unusual safety and calmness, called ‘nice neighborhoods’ have flourished. We should not take them for granted.

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