Myrtle Travco

We have a 1964 Dodge Travco Motorhome named Myrtle that we have renovated. Currently we only use it for vacation but one day we’d like to do extended travel/living in it.

Myrtle is 27 feet long and is powered by a 318 poly engine. She is equipped with a full bathroom, kitchen, couch, bench, closet, ample storage, rear double bed and two entrance doors. We’ve installed a solar power system with inverter and updated her interior light bulbs to all LED. We’ve kept her in the spirit of the 1960’s with vintage linens, curtains, pots, kitchenware, etc.

A restored 1964 Dodge Travco Motorhome. Shared by Capri. More info. here.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


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