Little Red House Along The Creek

The little red house is situated almost in downtown Kirkland, which used to be connected to Seattle via ferry across Lake Washington. I looked up the property info, and the house was built in 1945 and is 300 SF. The setting is storybook, with a creek running through grass and trees. It’s probably only a matter of time before the lot is scraped and new structures are crammed in (Kirkland is a higher income suburb of Seattle now). Maybe the creek will save it?

Photos by Ingrid Jennings

One comment

  • Oh! What an adorably small cute thing that house is! And on such a charming little plot too. 1945… Wow. If only I lived on the same coast and wasn’t a doubly starting artist/college student I would buy this place up and set up shop there. *sigh* I hope all goes well with this place.

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