Kaya Box

Its a 1973 Bedford tk, stripped right back and customised for full time living. Rustic interior but cutting edge tech with rolls Royce batteries, 600w solar generation, rainwater harvesting system, hot shower and wetroom with compost collections toilet system, and 2500w pure dine wave inverter.

A 1973 Bedford truck converted into a motor caravan in The United Kingdom. Built by House Box.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon


  • Andreas says:

    I don’t know – looks great, but how much does all that weigh? The tires in the last shot are either severely under-inflated or overloaded.

    • Dean says:

      It is a heavy girl, however the tyres are indeed deflated in that pic. We raised the height of the box in the workshop and had to let the tyres down to get it outta the door! These trucks are designed to carry 3 small horses and the combined weight of what we put in doesn’t come close to that.

  • Ben says:

    Now….that’s the way it should be done! Particularly the renewable energy…well done

  • House-box says:

    Thanks guys 🙂
    Well spotted with the tyres- she is a heavy girl, but we had to let the tyres down to get here out of the workshop! We added some height with the new Luton and the rack, she just got out- 1mm to spare! 🙂

  • Br. Curt says:

    Fantastic Job and Fantastic Imagination! I would truly love to see this in person.

  • Steven says:

    Love the name! Super adorable tiny abode, well done!

  • Linda Rea says:

    I absolutely adore the desk.

  • Jay says:

    I love it and looking to do the same … you got more info on the build? Any advice would be much appreciated but just a big thanks for putting this up already.

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