Crooked Lake Tiny House

This “modern meets industrial” tiny house is a foundation build. Location is Polk County Florida (Babson Park on Crooked Lake). Took me quite a bit to go through the proper channels and get everything approved but this is a “legit” (legal) tiny house with permits pulled and certificate of occupancy issued. Interior dimensions are 12×24 (288 sq ft) with a 100 sq ft loft with queen bed and sitting area (388 sq ft total). TWO bedrooms – one on the lower level (full bed). Appears roomier than most due to high ceilings – 14 ft in the front sloping to 12 in the back which also provides a loft ceiling of 6′ on one side sloping to 4′ on the lower side. Concrete floors were stained to complete the sleek “industrial” look.

Features a 5×5 bathroom with a 33″ corner shower, locker “console” table pops up and serves as dining for 4. Locker also offers ample storage. Concrete counter top, left over roofing material used as a back splash, used metal dental wash station was turned into great kitchen cabinets and pantry.

Home is eventually going to be my retirement home but for now is posted/listed on Airbnb

A tiny house used as a guest house and eventual retirement home in Babson Park, Florida.


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