Andy’s Argosy

Hi, I’d like to submit my 1975 Airstream Argosy vintage tiny house remodel for your website. Many of the interior elements remain original, but somethings you don’t want to be vintage–like the toilet and air conditioner. Reclaimed hardwood floors, custom screen-printed wallpaper, and butcher block countertop are some of the custom features. The trailer features panoramic wrap-around windows and skylights in the front and back, allowing light to pour in from every side.

Andy remodels vintage trailers, given them a second chance to hit the road and fulfill their intended purpose, house people while out and about.


  • Sue Kozin says:

    Well, I think you did a wonderful job on the Argosy.

  • starhawk says:

    ACK. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO PAINT AIRSTREAMS. It’s bad for the original finish /and/ for the paint.

  • Griffin says:

    There’s nothing wrong with painting them as long as it’s done properly…
    and that’s what the owner really,really wants.

    A bit of much of trouble to go back to original,
    to say the least.

    That being said,
    it’s no different than painting an aircraft and you don’t see many of them in unpainted metal anymore since Imron,etc. have become readily available.

    Not everybody likes shiny metal.

    I do-
    but I don’t own that trailer.

    • starhawk says:

      They’re not designed for it, it invariably looks horrible, and it inevitably flakes/peels off and looks even worse.

      Three strikes, yer out.

      • Griffin says:

        Go bark up some other tree.

        Its ’s an Argosy,anyway-
        not a “real” Airstream….
        read the comment below.

        Who cares?

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are many others that like this one just fine.

        Maybe you can’t read very well-
        I prefer polished aluminum but it’s not my trailer.

        How does yours look?

  • Vicki McDonie says:

    Ummm people the Argosys were made that way, this dude didn’t just paint an airstream, Argosy is the name of the painted line of Airstreams.

  • SandMtGuy says:

    Argosy brand is not the same as Airstream. All of them are painted.

  • Barb Duder says:

    For all of the people saying “don’t paint the Airstream.” You are right…except in this case. The Argosy is the “painted Airstream” – a little history here. The Argosy is made by Airstream – but used a lower-grade aluminum to save costs. It probably came painted and you can repaint an Argosy.

    I love this little house! I think you did a fabulous job keeping the vintage and adding in the modern. It is a great mix of vintage and the industrial with amazing pops of color. You did a great job!! Please – park this in my driveway and give me the keys!!

  • smitty says:

    Like STARHAWK posted : They’re not designed for paint, it invariably looks horrible, and it inevitably flakes/peels off and looks even worse.

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