Anchorage Tumbleweed


“Classic styling” is the best way to describe this cabin-like tiny house in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • Reggie Greenleaf

    Love this would move some things around but that is easy enough!...

  • Fred

    I like the fact there's not a sleeping loft. Really handsome house....

Tumbleweed Cypress Equator


This Tumbleweed tiny house in Maine, well, it’s for sale.

  • Jake

    Maybe the seller traveled with the house and took the picture. you know since it has wheels. Bu...

  • frank

    here it is , the one for me,i could never build one this nice my self but I would bye the plans...

Tumbleweed Equator


This Tumbleweed tiny house in Orlando, Florida, while only measure 20′, has all of the making of a regular home.

  • Carmen

    Hi there, you have build a really nice house. I am planing one here in Germany too. Do you hav...

  • Gwen

    They have a teakettle. What do they heat it on?...