Custom Austin Tiny House


At 400 square feet this tiny house has three bedrooms which is much bigger than your typical tiny house.

  • Patricia Franco

    Yes the rooms could be a huge problem but I love the rest of the house oh yes the double door ...

  • Elliot

    This has some weird parts to it. I don't see how you could get up the stairs to the loft withou...

Nomadic Tiny House

nomadic-tiny-house-1A tiny house on wheels built by Nomadic Cabins in Austin, Texas.

  • Steph

    This tiny house may be perfect for folks in excellent health but not for people with injuries o...

  • Take a tour of The Nomadic Tiny Cabin

    […] The Nomadic Tiny House in Austin, Texas. You can see more of it over at Tiny House Sw...

East Side Tiny Pad


Denise’s tiny house in Austin, Texas that she had made available for guests to stay in.

  • Denise Eissler

    Hi Jay - thanks for your post! I look forward to resuming our dialogue from the other day if yo...

  • Jay Goldberg

    Hi Denise, I heard about your Tiny House on airbnb. Looks both great in its setting, and insid...