Tiny Curbside Cottage

Tiny House in Naples, Florida. Photos by Alex Pino of Tiny House Talk.


  • Alex Pino says:

    Hey Steven, oops, I forgot to mention it’s actually in Naples, Florida not Miami. It’s one of those grandfathered in tiny homes in the area. Thanks for posting and linking! Alex

    • Sherry Hayes says:

      is this adorable house in Naples for sale or for rent? we are looking forward to building or buying (or renting?) a tiny home in Naples.

    • Jan Terry says:

      I am looking for a tiny house in Naples Fl. Do you know who I can contact to help search for me. I don’t think there are many available. I have a good budget but am finding it difficult.

      Help, who do I talk to.


    • Tibisay Duran says:


      I will like to know where in Naples I lives in Fort Myers FL. one hour from Naples.I love tiny houses. I want to buy one however, I will like to rent it for a week this will give me a great experience before I my own.

  • Alice Powell says:

    House looks good on outside, but what about the inside. I would at least like to see a floor plan.

  • Alice Powell says:

    Is it possible to see a floor plan?.

  • Alex says:

    Hi Alice- sorry no floor plan available right now.

  • Sharon says:


    Do you know is this home still available? I would like to see it this weekend, if possible. I am not sure if this gets posted (would prefer it not to)…I can send you my phone number or if you prefer, you can send the phone number and address for the home and I’ll contact the owner.


  • I need a tiny or small home in or around the Provo Valley or not but in Utah or close to the border-prefer rural but can not be too far removed from major services-Please submit all possibilites to me.

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  • Robert Lichy says:

    Is it still available?

  • Ershika Hughes says:

    Looking for a tiny house before may 19 2019

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