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Wheel Pad provides eco-friendly temporary accessible housing for people with mobility issues, allowing friends and/or family to provide support until permanent accessible housing can be arranged. With a mobile chassis base, Wheel Pad does not trigger zoning nor permit issues in most areas in the United States. (Permanent models available.)

This tiny home is a 200 sq.ft. accessible bedroom and bathroom that can be attached to an existing home. With Wheel Pad, we will change the way our injured soldiers and civilians come home from rehab.

Wheel Pad is “disruptive” in the best sense of the word. It seems everyone has a use for Wheel Pad including: spinal cord injuries, people newly using wheelchairs or prosthetics, elderly veterans and civilians, hospice care, children with disabilities.

A 200 square feet tiny house intended to house handicapped people in need of wheelchair accessibility. Built by LineSync Architecture. Video and photos by Chibi Moku. More info. here.


  • Kathy C says:

    Beautiful, well thought out, and innovative! What a great space!

  • Linda Lann says:

    Most workable model I’ve ever seen. As both retired R.N. and now handicapped person, it has so many advantages for someone just coming home from rehab, etc. Thanks for all the time, creativity, and work put into this home. I hope folks will also find it affordable. Great job!!

  • Dorothy says:

    This is so wonderful. I had a dear friend with Parkinson’s who became wheelchair bound. She was in assisted living but still doors were a nightmare for her. Getting in and shutting then getting out again was just a misery if there was no one to help move the wheelchair around. The doors in the home were super large and heavy which made it even worse than a regular home. People have no idea of what others deal with until it comes directly to their door. This group is getting all the answers together to create a real place to live.

  • Berni F says:

    Beautifully thought out. Perhaps 100 more square feet and a kitchenette and a closet and it would be perfect.

  • Chibi Moku says:

    Thanks for sharing our story Tiny House Swoon!

  • Julie says:

    I would love to see a functional small kitchen and seating area (maybe with innovative use of the space where top cabinets would be) in order to make this functional long term. Other people have used sofa beds, murphy beds, or slide-out beds that save space. All in all, thank you for making a tiny house for wheelchair users! A few tweaks and you could have quite a market!

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