• Ardith says:

    Hello, there’s no blankety blank seating area! What is up with this ridiculous trend in tiny homes???????

    • Jeff says:

      This is what the customer wanted. When you order yours,design it differently with more seating and less of something else.

  • Susan says:


  • Monica Sweere says:

    Its so nice to see a proper miter on a butcherblock counter. Nice job!

    • Kate Crawford says:

      A full mitre such as the one shown is actually pretty wasteful of materials. This is because in general benches are made the full width and then the angle is cut off, which means that for each mitre you are throwing away a duplicate of the mitred corner area. Perhaps if the offcuts are then turned into a coffee table or bedside tables, it would justify the waste

  • Robert says:

    See… you do what the customer wants and get zapped. Don’t t due what the customer wants, get zapped. Hahaha life is tough. Like your design.

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