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A lovely tiny house with all of the extras.

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  1. Love Love Love the kitchen, and all the storage. The bath is great. Would like enough space in the lower level to fit a space for sleeping, even if it just converts to a bed.

  2. I really like the look of this, it is refreshing to see less pine paneling and more white. The only thing that causes me a moments pause is the placement of the toilet.

  3. Wow..everything is complete in there…like idea double loft, but how would you get up there? yeah..i can live in one of this type, definitely save lot’s of money long run! I like the inside…i prefer something different as far as designed outside ..more boxy type for me, i guess. ūüôā

  4. Wow! So many really good ideas on the inside of a really ugly box with vinyl siding, and for waaaaay too much money. Close, but no cigar. “I am woman. Open a damn window. What, THAT little thing you call a window?”

  5. Wow… wicked high price, and I could see some shoddy craftsmanship. Don’t recall seeing the square footage, but with what is out there, I’d be damned surprised if you sell this for what you are asking.

  6. I love the washing machine above the toilet seat. Had a bad day? Then set it on spin and get a free head massage.

    Seriously though, love the white painted wood. Very chique.

  7. Wow. One of the best interiors I have ever seen… The toilet is a bit near the tub (NYC apartment near ūüėČ ) But a wall hung commode in version 2.0 would fix that (tho lose some outer storage) and I love the inclusion of a washer/dryer. The outside is a bit boxy for my taste but a shutters, trim is an easy fix. Over all I give it a 9. One of my highest ratings so far. Well done.

  8. A lot of thought and care went into this. Great to see some old school space saving / storage techniques with the pullouts in the kitchen.

    The bathroom is a big let down though. Toilet blocks access to the shower. Toilet blocks access to the washer. No sink. No storage. If you leave the door open you stare at the toilet all day. Everything is a compromise. I like the washer elevated and the exterior storage compartment idea. It just seems a more conventional layout with the toilet around the corner, a little vanity in front of the window, and the washer in the kitchen would be more aesthetic and functional. Maybe in an 8×22 or 8×24 trailer.

    Not sure about the pull down shelving and makeshift storage from under the loft. I’d rather have that loft extra solid with rafters going the other way, and use some of the space from top as there is one example of (though poorly executed without finish and what’s that 2×2 PT lumber doing there? Should be able to work around that)

    1. I agree with you, Anne. I think they need to increase size a tiny bit to make the bathroom more functional and add a sink…but, they did a lot with this one. I love the fact that there is a real toilet in it and AC. I couldn’t do without those two things…I can’t deal with the compost thing AT ALL. I really like this one better than almost any I have seen except for the following:
      The unfinished bits….just as you mentioned, Anne. What is it with all this unfinished wood? Nobody lives with unfinished wood anymore and it is so easy to remedy. Also, on the pull out table, the top is done with PLYWOOD! That table could not have been more than 2.5 x 2.5. How much more would it have cost to put in a decent wood top?
      Also, what is with these lofts having NO RAILINGS!!! That is a hazard. How hard would it be to put in a little railing.
      There is so much right here, that the wrongs are rather senseless.

  9. At $344 a square foot it’s a very expensive tiny house. Where my house is built now I’m looking at $150 a square foot including a full basement and all brick construction (no cheap siding). Price per square foot is going to change from region to region but this is expensive no matter where you live.

  10. Very nice! I’d like to know about the shower/bath tub. This is the second tiny house I’ve seen with a small tub like that, but I haven’t bee able to find one myself. What brand/model is it? Thanks!

  11. So many clever ideas in this tiny house! Attractive layout, but after seeing hundreds on the web, it is the ingenious little touches that really make this house design stand.

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