Pallet House

Small dwelling under construction made exclusively from used pallets.


  • Ed Moseley says:

    This is totally awesome! Out of curiosity, what do you use to keep the floor pallets off the ground?

  • Jeff says:

    Love the idea of reuse but without isolating the bottom pallets from the ground, they will be moldy and rotten in less than a year. House does not look movable. Perhaps there are skids hiding under there made from pressure treated wood? Freeze/thaw cycle will put alot of stress on floor joints and walls. It would be nice to see the house in a more finished state.

  • your mom says:

    Dear Pallet House builders,
    this is your mother. I’m concerned that your going to be cold at night, and that your not going to have any light in your house. I’m really concerned about your future. What do you think is the point to all this? Why don’t you build me a nice house I can actually live in.
    Your always,

  • Bean says:

    Dear Mom:
    You are a jerk.
    All your sons and daughters.

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