After months of searching the web and local ads for the right one, I found a little, pale blue, short bus with a ton of bus life potential. I contacted the seller immediately with my fingers crossed after I found the ad hoping that it was still available. After a few LONG hours of waiting for a reply, my phone flashed with a message from the seller telling me the bus was still available and if I was interested he would be around later that night to show the vehicle.

My mother and I jumped in the car and drove out to the bus and took it for a test drive. After leaving the sellers house (which ended up only being a few blocks away from my house) I went home and thought about what I wanted to do. The next day we went back, paid for the bus and just like that, the little 1989 Bluebird stripped out short bus was mine.

A 1989 Bluebird bus converted into a traveling tiny home. Owned and shared by Adventuring With Lola.


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