Hercules Caravan

Hercules is a hand built cedar living wagon set in his own little piece of woodland.

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I just wanted to Submit Hercules to your website, We live in The Tamar Valley in North Cornwall where we run a small holiday park where each of our lets is a tiny house!

Hercules is a hand built cedar living wagon set in his own little piece of woodland. His interior is fitted with a mixture of vintage and reclaimed furnishings including a train carriage door (leading to the bathroom) and old cinema seats at the table.

A caravan that you can rent in Cornwall, England. More info. here.


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    1. Thanks for saying such lovely things The Kitchen cabinets were salvaged they are English Rose from the fifties but the previous owner painted them in the style of Clarice Cliff.

  1. I am confused by these pics because the first pic looks like a rectangle, but it is clear that it is an L shape with the bedroom off to the side. Very cute.

  2. Like Lara, I too was confused about what I was seeing, then I studied the photos, especially the furniture placement and ceilings and understand what I’m looking at. INCREDIBLE is my word for this, love the kitchen cabinets, and the arch in the ceilings. I would like to know the window manufacturer – I haven’t been able to find that style here (USA) And this has given me some great decorating ideas for my Housetruck … What a sweet caravan you have.

    1. Thank you Hercules is a special wagon I will look into the window manufacturers for you, we are about to begin building a new on in the next few months ourselves!

  3. Wow. That’s not a caravan, that’s a home. Lovely touches, very comfy.

    Just out of curiosity: are taxes on caravans different from taxes on houses in the UK? Is that why it’s still way up on wheels? Or is this the regulations for the park where it’s parked?

    Also, I’m assuming you started with the frame for a large truck trailer, and if you do move it you need a semi?

    Thanks for posting this – very inspiring!

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