Handcrafted Tiny Home

A joined dual-lofted tiny house on wheels in Henderson, Nevada. More info. here.


  • Barb Duder says:

    Extremely cute!!

  • Janet says:

    This house feels too claustrophobic to me – maybe it’s the scary stairs, the autumnal colours, blocky appliances, lack of living space, or the weird little wall around the loft. But all of those things pale in comparison to the window treatment on the upper windows. A dust ruffle! Seriously?

  • Laura says:

    I like this home. Appears to have a lot of storage everywhere. I wish there were more pictures of the loft area and the open space for what appears to be the living room area.

  • Beth Grant DeRoos says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I so dislike walking into any home and seeing a toilet staring back at me. Put the toilet where it cannot be seen. Put the washer/dryer combo there and the toilet to the side out of sight. Even more so when the bathroom is right NEXT to the kitchen. And those stairs are obviously designed for young adults!

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