Float House


A houseboat purchased for $1 and then restored from the hull up.

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I built this one out of an old houseboat that was brought to Bella Coola to house FAN (Forest Action Network) protesters back in the early 80’s. It sank and was recovered then left to rot for the next 25 years – till I bought it for $1. By that point any wood left in the structure had turned to dirt – everything had to be rebuilt. Having very little money, I built the cabin out of reclaimed lumber. All of the appliances were taken out of old trailers left abandoned by loggers long ago. I now rent it out to tourists to stay on board while visiting the Great Bear Rainforest.

A completely restored houseboat in Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. Owned and shared by Carsten Ginsburg.


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  1. Question-I have a friend living in Johnston County, NC. USA. She bought a tiny house and now is having great difficulties finding a place for it. As it is 32 feet long , most mobile home parks (not her desire, but an option) will only accept trailers 50 feet. Lots of ordinances and guidelines. Anyone, know of how or where she can find a place to part it and live in it? She would like to stay in the area for one more year, until her son graduates. Then she will be free to come and go just about anywhere. She bought her tiny house to save money and live simply, but now has hit a road block. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. What a Great Project!!!.. I’m in!!!!

    Hoping to visit sometime…. Love the West Coast!!! & “Up North”! & Natural/Native !!

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